Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tech Savvy - keep up!

I can't keep up. It still amazes me that my 93 year old grandmother (who died a few years back) was trying to understand email. Trying. Blogging evolves too quickly to begin with, now there's twitter and facebook and linkedIn . . holy moly. I'm lucky when the laundry is washed (mind you - I didn't say folded), there is food in the house to eat (and mind you again, I didn't say cooked or prepared or on the table), and especially when I get a run in.

It's crazy how some people are doing it all - they're texting all day, and they're on facebook, and they're twittering and they're keeping up with a blog. I don't know if it's the time it takes to do it all that gets me, or the time it takes to try and understand it all. The time to actually maintain your own stuff is monumental, but then to check and respond to everyone else's stuff is a whole other agenda entirely. But I suppose it's connecting people. And that length of time that I can type a blog or read someone's wall on facebook and connect - would take me so much more time and money without the technology. It really is an amazing thing - this interconnectedness.

Our oldest wants a facebook account for her upcoming b
irthday that will officially mark her entrance into teenhood. She just wants it so she can build a city on the site. Most of her friends don't know a thing about facebook - yet. She has a blog. Some kids her age are into that - but it takes time and dedication. She has an email address. She has a cell phone. She chats with her friends online, but her phone is merely a tool for emergencies and important endeavors.

Our second oldest is 11. She has an email address. That's it. But she can use skype and have videoconferences with her friend in Australia. How cool is that.

The youngest two - they see the computer a
s a toy and cell phones for talking to family. That's the way it should be. Let them play a little and then go outside and play in nature.

I was gonna say - 'go outside and play in the real world' but I stopped myself. This . . . internet, chat, cell phones, facebook, blogs, twitter - it is the real world. Today it is. And I'm trying to keep up. And I'm trying to educate my kids to keep up according to their age, but yet to instill in them that there is still a physical world right outside the front door. It's not in the computer. Somehow I'm learning there is a balance.

Aahh, yes - and baby pictures. Although, truly, because he's walking everywhere, he's now graduated from babyhood to the land of toddlers.








E said...

I was going to post a comment with my cell phone through my own blog via twitter, but I thought you might not notice I'm sitting near you with a laptop.

Nice post. Great Pics, i can't believe how fast it's gone.

Legs and Wings said...

Well, it's good to be in touch with you again. My old blog (robbrunner) crashed and burned last year and I guess I must have missed a few people with the launch of Legs and Wings. Sorry about that.

Your kids are exactly where mine are - in the thick of it with Facebook, MSN Messenger, phones, twitter etc. We're all in this together - moving forward.

Just12Finish said...

Marathon Man - I love it!

And I don't keep up with everything either. We have similar issues, pre-teen emails, no facebook but piczo (sp?), cell phone for sure but no endless chit chat so far. Resistance is futile.

Sarah Elaine said...

So many ways to stay in touch and less and less connection among humans. Funny, eh?

Beautiful photos!