Sunday, March 02, 2008


Sometimes in life I have these moments where I feel like I can do anything. It's sort of a euphoric feeling - like I'm on top of the world. Even more than a feeling like the world is out there and I can live in it and do as I please, it's as if I'm one with the energy of the universe and I'm about to accomplish more than my mind can conceive. It's an amazing reflection on the power within.

Everyday isn't like that. I'm working slowly to get back in shape and it isn't always easy with an infant and my family schedule. But it isn't ever easy for anyone, really. It's a lot of where you set your goals and how hard you work to achieve them. And never making excuses. Just accepting life and moving forward with it. Kind of exciting really. Lately I've been thinking about two profound questions. At the beginning of the day - What am I going to get to do today? And at the end of the day - What did I celebrate today? It's all just a little bit of livin'.

The Iditarod started yesterday - and damn if it ain't just a little bit o' that livin'. I think it's the most fascinating study of the human experience that I've ever seen. Check it out.