Friday, May 16, 2008

Teetering on the Edge

teetering on the edge of what? insanity mostly. hang on - gotta put on my new reading glasses. I'm teetering on the edge of getting old and I have too many kids. I think I'm up to four - not sure - there's always a different number running through the house. teetering on the edge of being a runner. some weeks i run, some weeks I don't get it in. I'm not sure about that fall marathon I've been dreaming about, and I'm gonna have to leave it at that. I ran today. I put on my running shoes and made it through the entire zoo with baby and jogger in tow, in under two hours. I can NEVER accomplish that with the older kids. Then I left my car parked and walked to the lake, ran around the lake, and walked back. Three hours in all with that jogger. That's because it's sunny in the city and it brings people out. Teetering on the edge of summer. It's hot out today, the cruise ships are back and the geese have had their babies. That's how I can tell. Jackson's teetering on the edge of everything. He got two teeth this week and learned to roll over. He's on the verge of sitting up, and that would be most excellent. I'd love to let him sit and play with his toys and not always pack him around. My back would really appreciate it. He's getting so big - 5 months already - and he's already been camping in a yurt and dipped his barefeet in the sand down at the beach. Teetering on the edge of summer was that camping in a yurt. I can't wait 'til real summer and camping outside. Only two short trips planned - not including the cabin and the kids school camps. Short because we're not sure how Jack-Jack will handle a long ride in the car. And I don't get to overnight on the kids' school trips because I'm still attached to a nursing baby and he might keep little campers up at night. Teetering on the edge of writing and being a blogger. I wrote a cool post on Mother's Day. Wrote is the key word there - I never typed it. The clicky keyboard is too close to where the baby sleeps and it seems to wake him up. (the mister says he can get me a quieter one) Thus, lack of writing. When the day is almost through, and I can steal a moment, typing would wake him up and ruin my moment (and his). So I wrote with a writing utenstil and paper with the intent of typing it later. Later never happened. I think about blog post topics all the time - I guess I'll get back into it when it happens. I miss reading blogs and seeing what goes on around the world in everyone else's lives. I think the handwritten post was a lot about the passage of time. Looking back, looking forward, and living in the present. Trying to, at least. With a 12-year old on the verge of teen things (oh, my), a 10-year old who needs a million sports daily to exist properly, a 7-year old who thinks we don't love her anymore (she confessed this to her teacher who told me so), and the little guy who zaps all the energy away. Living in the present is what drives us to insanity. Living in the past brings me laughter and learning and living in the future is the stuff of dreams. Future? Right now I think I oughtta live one day at a time. And just hope in the future that there is cookies and sunshine like today.