Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A day in the life . . .

when to fit my run in to my day . . . Monday I ran a hilly 10 miler on the local marathon course. That was after my ipod finally died, and i wondered how it would be with no distraction. Truthfully, it wasn't any harder to run without music - more relaxing I think. Maybe I'll get a new tune player for my shorter runs. Later on Monday my husband and I went to an hour of yoga, then took the kids swimming in the pool. It felt powerful to be in physically great health to be able to complete all of those things. I wasn't so tired that I couldn't run yesterday, just truly busy and needed to spend my free half hour relaxing and not running. (Relaxing is running, i just needed a break.) So, after a late evening of red wine, chocolates, gifts for adventure travel, flowers (well, the roses weren't from V-day, they were simply because he loves to bring them to me - from over the weekend - but it sounded good with the valentine's hoopla) (Our youngest child calls them Valentimes - hilarious) Anyway, after a late night ;), it was hard to get up for a run. Two additional children were dropped off at my house at a very early hour - so breakfasts, lunches, school shuttling to 2 different locations, etc. later - I had the littlest go down for a nap so I squeezed in a shower. This one is too little to run with - well, I wasn't supplied with a jogger, actually. So, I have a few hours of household duties - laundry, dishes, blah, blah, blah . . Then it's back to the shuttle services, school bus stop, snacks, dinner prep, shuttle to gymnastics . . . I'm determined to get a run in about 8:00 at night. In fact, it was last Wednesday that I ran at night and it was AMAZING! I ran at the beach - low tide - really low - bright moonlight, hard sand, cityscape view over the water . . . it was so beautiful and peaceful. So, the next challenge will be to figure out how to get up tomorrow to run after running late - sort of an endless cycle. Maybe I'll run later and go somewhere. -reminds me of Dr. Seuss - 'going places' - the possibilities are endless. I love to run simply to go places and see things. I found a really neat marathon to run this summer during a vacation, simply because of all the things I will get to see!

Sunday, February 12, 2006


I have true conviction in the underlying theme for the Torino Olympics . . . my tattoo exemplifies my belief in living with passion. After all, "Life is a daring adventure, or nothing at all." Imagine if everyone lived their life with true passion in everything they did. Think of how powerful and meaningful each and every day of our existence would be.