Monday, October 27, 2008

The Sun That Won't Stop

How funny that it was raining when I wrote last. It seems like October has been sunny every single day. I always razz my brother about the weather in October. He says his birthday during the month is the most beautiful day of the year - we share our love of the fall and all of the things it entails, including colorful running weather with the leaves crunching underfoot and that crisp feeling in the air with the bright blue sky. I complained to him that after his special day, the weather was gonna sour and it'd be all his fault. Somehow it turned even more orange and golden outside. Usually around here it's just rainy and windy and the leaves all fall off.

I took little Jack outside today. Not really to the park, but there was a park involved - some swings and some stairs to climb up to the slide. Every time he swings forward he closes his eyes to the wind that gushes toward his face. And he laughs at the rush of it all. The stairs - he has learned to climb those with his little legs, although he'd rather climb up the slide itself. But the most fun he had was not at the playground, but at the beach. For, you see, someone nearby was feeding the seagulls, which meant there were many around. And they were so much fun to chase. The clever monkey learned to walk a couple of weeks ago, but he can go faster on all fours. He simply couldn't figure out why the seagulls would fly away when he got near.

My day is so taken up with I have no idea what, that I sometimes forget that I never even considered going for a run. But then - there was my grand accident to consider. My lovely fall after my dizzy spells. It sounds grand, but really - I fell on my butt and I've never had a little whoopsiedaisy become so debilitating. It was 3 weeks ago, and I think I might be able to run. I can stand on one foot when I put on my socks - and that's recent progress. Sitting comfortably is getting easier. And my dizzy thing was a bad relationship I had with my friend the pump. Super Jack is now on formula and happy as can be. Maybe I'll try to run tomorrow. Or at least go for a walk.

After all, I have cooking to do. I'll be busy. I cooked a pumpkin tonight and I have to puree it and turn it into gluten free pumpkin spice cake with an apple glaze. The kids need treats for their lunches, don't they? And the weather really is supposed to turn yucky and little Jack and I will need an excuse to stay inside and play - until I find him some rain boots . .


E said...

whoopsiedaisy.. hehe.. that word makes me giggle - but it scared the crap out of me a few weeks ago.

i can't imagine rain coming between you and little j's playtime. ever. i bet it makes you go outside more. plus you can run with the little guy in his b.o.b rain pod. he'll be nice and warm and napping while you work towards.. well you know :-)

IHateToast said...

see, you learn stuff from blogging. who knew that you could fall on your tuchas because you pump your bazoombas? (bottom and breasts are too boring to write.)

however, it sounds like you're okay now. man, we leave you alone for a second. what is the point of having your own personal akbal if he can't protect you from whoopsing your delicate daisy? i say you get a present. it's a good lesson to teach your girls: blame all falls on dad, collect prizes.

booty, heal thyself!

Josh said...

Lot's of people need lot's of things. Don't forget yourself.

Ellawind of Phoenia said...

pumpkin cake? i want pumpkin cake!

Anne said...

It's hard to believe little Jack is already so big. And you must share your pumpkin recipe -- it sounds devine.