Sunday, July 16, 2006


So, I could complain all about that hill on mile 5 - 300 ft in a mile, but really, it sorta worked some muscles that would've just been hangin' along for the long haul. And what goes up, must come down. Then my muscles got balanced out. What a beautiful morning. Panoramic views of the mountains and the Puget Sound all pink in the morning. My garmin said it was 16.42 - my Map Point software said about 16 - which do you think would be more fun to put in the running log . . and hey, my pace was pretty close to a 9 minute average - that's lickety split for a long run for me - and the hills n'all. So, another run down, on with my day . . .

The afternoon topped out with a trip to the street fair, a trip to the mediterranean fantasy festival, and a barbecue dinner with overnight company and hopefully a movie. And oh yeah, the triathlon. That was somewhere in the middle. I did realize, 4 hours after my run, and after the tri, that I hadn't eaten. Naughty. I had some good replacement fluids - chocolate soy, some ultima, and some espresso. You just get going with your day . . . but that barbecue dinner made up for it all. And that sushi last night at the japanese restaurant - dang, I've been eatin' good this weekend. I had chinese take-out on Friday too.

Okay, the tri. I didn't do it. I've never done one - not even a duathlon. The Seafair Triathlon was about 1900 this year. There were 300 in the kids tri that our munchkin participated in. A crazy lot of bikes everywhichwhere. We got there when most of the big people were through, and chatted with a veteran triathlon friend who somehow got spooked in the water - too many people in her wave and a little chaotic. All was well, though. Our little one found a friend over in the kids transition area and got set up nearby. Then they sorta hung out and played in the water until close to start time. It was beautiful out at the lake - sun sparkling over the water, mount rainier in the background. When it neared start time, they corralled the kids doing the longer of the two kid versions (100 yd swim, 2 mile bike, .4 mile run), and sent them out in waves.

The water is shallow enough to stand, and many lifeguards stand watch in the water. It all goes by pretty quickly. Grown-ups aren't allowed in the transition area, but volunteers are available to help if needed, and my husband was able to help loosen a tight bike helmet at the exit of the transition area. You get such a kick out of watching all the commotion, it all really does go by fast and your child is continually coming in or out of the transition area. Before you know it, they finish and it's all over.


JustRun said...

I think that's so cool. A lot of guts for an 8 year old!

Sarah said...

Wow...a kids tri must be a lot of fun to watch!

Sounds like you had the perfect run.

Robb said...

Really great photos that shout out a wonderful day of fun. It does go quick! And nice run yourself Ginger.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

way to go gb's kid! :)

your family always seems to be doing such fun stuff on the weekends, i get envious! i'm gonna hafta start making ash and johnny get out more with me :)

i can't wait until i can start running off all the good stuff i'm eating :)