Friday, July 14, 2006

The little things in life

My mind is whirring with all sorts of little things . . . I feel like I have all of these thoughts, and when I don't write about them, they float up into the air and 'poof' vanish as though they never existed. Writing them down is my way of validating them. Maybe that's why people write journals - to validate the existence of their inner selves. That's too deep for early morning for me.

The sprinklers were a tease this morning on my run. I took a different route and passed several homes with lawns being watered. I'm the type that typically uses the public sprinklers, but you can never be sure if they'll be on when you get there, and this one yard was ever so tempting . . . ah, but alas, the living room windows were too close and I passed by - ever so dry. I was ever so lucky to discover that many city sprinklers were spraying the grass along the beach trail down below. Sometimes I wonder what people think when they see me running through the sprinklers at 6 in the morning. Sorta like I wondered about the guy I saw exiting the tavern at 5:45 this morning. Interesting. To each his own, I suppose . . .

The cairn artist was in the paper this morning - interesting article about the guy. My daughter was in the paper on Wednesday - not in the PI like the artist, but in the Times. Okay, it wasn't all of her, but a photo of her hands holding a rock crab at low tide. No article, just a photo with a caption. Because it isn't an article, it isn't online, or I'd post a link. She was pretty excited. A journalist interviewed us while we were down at the beach. I was teasing the guy about his job. He spent the morning at the beach taking pictures, then was going to sit in a coffee shop and link up to office, send his work, and call it good for the day. He said he didn't even have to go in. My dream job.

I've had a few really nice runs the last couple of days. Wednesday night I ran when my husband came home from work, while he fed the kids dinner. Then we headed up to the gym to lift weights. By the time we headed home and got the kids settled it was 8:00. We stood in the kitchen eating bananas, then pulled out a couple of beers. We laughed at the prospect of simply having beer and bananas for dinner - sounds like something runners would do. It didn't seem like enough so we made some guacamole and had some corn tortilla chips with it. Carbs, fruit, vegetable, grain - I suppose all we missed was the protein. I was reluctant to run last night when he got home - just feeling lazy. He proceeded to take his sweaty running clothes out of his work bag from his run at lunch, and said, "Come on, you know you want this, you want that 'after run' feeling." I had to laugh at the effort and it got me out the door. I was scheduled to run 8 with a tempo in the middle. I skipped the warm up and cool down, and just did the tempo in the middle. Lazy runner. I clicked off four miles between 7:15 and 7:30 pace and came home with dinner made. Life is good. I got up and ran my scheduled 6 this morning. I'm trying to figure out my run for Sunday. It's tricky. I've got to get in about 2 and a half hours, come home, then my husband leaves for a 10 miler point to point to finish at the location of the triathlon our 8-yr-old is doing. In the meantime, I've got to help her get her gear all ready and head out with the munchkins. I guess it'll be an early morning.

Two other blogworthy things on my TV - We watched 'Shopgirl' the other night - great movie if you haven't seen it. Not at all what we thought it'd be, but thought provoking anyway. Interesting role for Steve Martin. I was watching Sesame Street Tuesday - remember Oscar the Grouch? He was inviting some bands down to his garbage cans for practice. Their names were hilarious, and I'm not sure of the spelling: 'N-Stink' & 'Phlegm 'n' M'. In case you haven't had any caffeine or green tea or fresh air and don't get it - 'N-Sync and Eminem'. The band member/muppet for Phlegm 'n' M kept clearing his throat, it was hilarious. Sesame Street never ceases to amaze me with it's ability to keep up with the times.

I suppose it's breakfast time. My youngest - who is 5 - just woke up and asked if she could have one of those fuzzy things that we bought at the produce market on the way home from the dog park yesterday. (That's how she said it.) She's just gone into the kitchen, gotten an apricot (one of those fuzzy things), and taken it back to bed with her. And she's woken up her sister on the top bunk to tell her all about the experience and ask again what that fuzzy thing is called. I can tell it's going to be a great day.


D said...

What marathon are you training for? I'm w/you...I have all of these thoughts to include on my blog - but if I don't write them down quick enough they are history. Unfortunately for me, this means most of my thoughts don't make it to my blog....Your life seems to be so balanced and your training - perfect.

Ginger Breadman said...

D - My next marathon is Mesa Falls - small town race in Idaho - had to find a scenic run on our family vacation :) -GB

Anne said...

Guess I've gotta 'hand' it to your daughter for making the local paper. I'm sure she's rightly proud. Loved the way your 5-year-old IDs apricots. Reminds me of when mine were around that age and referred to Caucasians as "peach people" because of the Crayola color they used for people in their coloring books.

Joe said...

I think I'd wonder if I saw someone in my sprinkler at 6 AM! Good job on the abbreviated tempo run -- those are some fast mile splits.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

I get like that - too many things. I've started jotting down notes during the day to help me remember what I want to write. Then I forget that I wrote the notes :)

Cool about your daughter's hands in the paper! And sprinklers, mmm, sprinklers sound like fun to run through.

I love Shopgirl. I didn't think I'd like it - I didn't want to watch it. But I did and I did.

Robb said...

Quick mile splits Ginger. Isn't it good to sit down and pour out your thoughts while the kids are still in bed? It's the best time of the day.

We bought some Lime flavoured corn chips and my 3 year old Ben calls them 'slime chips'. I love kids.

IHateToast said...

read shop girl, too. it's good and the movie doesn't spoil it for you.

sesame street is great. still love the little girl walking to the grocery to get a loaf of bread, pint of milk and a stick of butter.

and the groovy songs... i can't count to twelve without that funky pinball... one two three? FOUR five
six seven eight? NINE ten
eLEVen twelve. okay, you miss the fluctuation.... they should have these on you tube.

and did i read right?... your 8 year old is doing a tri? can i feel more shamed?

iliketoast said...

beer and bananas .... nothing wrong with that

JustRun said...

Bananas, beer, chips and guac is pretty much my dream dinner.

Jennifer said...

What a great article (can you tell I'm still hung up on the cairns!?) Guacamole and beer post workout- that's my kinda snack (add some queso and it's my perfect post run food!)

Sarah said...

I can relate to the schedule balancing. Ever since my husband started training (as opposed to just running), I've had to share my prime training time. But I'm okay with that.

Gotta luv that after run feeling!
: )

Josh said...

"...the triathlon our 8-yr-old is doing"

Holy Cow!!! That's amazing and is a race recap I'd love to read!