Saturday, May 13, 2006

Peace & Solitude

I truly love running with a passion deeply intertwoven within my physical and spiritual self.
And I love where I live. What an amazingly beautiful morning.
It leaves me to wonder what other runners see when they head out the door - far and wide across the world.


iliketoast said...

I see that same amazing colors as the sun kisses the silhouettes of our city buildings.

This Saturday morning there was an accident on a bridge that we run over, right next to the city. 6 cars or more with a person trapped inside one. The bridge was blocked at both ends and we later found out that no one had been killed.

olga said...

I liked it...and I went to your post on CapCity. It's sometimes hard to make goals. And for your sister - what a mess! I just went to visit mine, and we're both perfectionists too, and very different as well, but we both never had to cross paths I think it's my luck, otherwise we may have not been as great sisters:)

E-Speed said...

Good post. Short but very meaningful.