Sunday, May 14, 2006

New Marathon

Maybe I'm the last to find out, but I just saw this in my dead runner's society Email - there's a new marathon in Eugene. How cool is that? The preliminary course description is amazing. Why has there never been a marathon there before? Talk about legendary! Now I gotta rethink my training for next spring . . . And Las Vegas recently added a half in addition to the marathon. (I still like the marathon idea there). I got a different email the other day about a sweepstakes for free airfare if you register by June 1st. Hmmm - but what if I register, then get injured?

Okay, I gotta slow down. One marathon at a time. I just got excited.

Not much to post really. Just something funny on Mother's Day. I didn't have a very long run since I'm tapering, but needed to get in 8 miles. My husband needed to get in 6, and since it was Mother's day n'all, we figured we'd do it together - and bring the whole family. We ended up at a track complex in the middle of a sunny warm day. The kids hung out digging holes in the long jump sand box, and we paced out some miles. I honestly don't think I've ever run that far on a track without doing intervals, but it seemed to work out okay. There was a soccer game going on to entertain us. We were going along, maintaining a really comfortable 9 min. pace, when our 10-yr-old decided to join in. No big deal. She's run a lot. (She's actually my idol becauses she's completed 3 triathlons, and I've done zero of those.) Anyhow, she tagged along for a mile - barefoot - and held the pace just fine. A mini Zola Budd (or barefoot Jon if you live in my neck of the woods).

We had lunch afterward somewhere by a fountain with a stream between Jamba Juice smoothies and McD's french fries. (The nutrition value had to balance out somehow.) After several hours at home relaxing and having the traditional Mother's Day BBQ, my daugher said there was something weird on her feet. When I looked, she had pretty good sized blisters on the pad of every single toe. Pretty hilarious. Poor thing. (I popped the blisters - I know you aren't supposed to, but I was thinking maybe they'd drain faster than they would re-absorb.) So she went to bed with socks on, and I'm wondering if I should send a note for her PE teacher tomorrow.


jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

Oh poor thing. I always pop my blisters too. My hubby, who was a medic, told me that it's alright as long as you use a sterilizd needle to do it. I would write a note to give her an out for PE.

McDonalds and Jamba juice sounds like a good meal to me.

JustRun said...

The LV Marathon is a lot of fun. If you have the slightest inkling, I would register. They are pushing it really hard this year.

Sounds like a good Mother's Day!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

sounds like a great, fun, relaxing mother's day! hope your daughter feels ok today - def write a note for PE :)

Anne said...

Your 10-year-old's done three triathlons?! Dang. I can relate to her blister woes. A tiny pebble pierced mine while I was still running and it's, well, it's yucky. Hope she healed quickly.

Ginger Breadman said...

Yes, my 10-yr-old truly has done 3 triathlons, but keep in mind they were kid distances/kid triathlons. Nonetheless, she still had to transition and endure the whole process. I told ya - she's my idol.

rice said...

Yeah nothing wrong with popping them. They say not to because the are VERY easily infected. Just keep an eye on them. The track can get long after awhile. I did a lot of my last few months there for slow distance. Mostly because its rubberized and I wanted the extra cushion to work in the joints slowly over time.



Robb said...

Sounds like a great Mother's Day for you.

They offer a "Kids of Steel" program in our area. It's like a kids mini-triathlon. My guys want in this year so it will be fun prepping for that!

Good luck with the marathon.

E-Speed said...

Awwe. That sucks she got blisters. But I am impressed she ran a mile barefoot! Next time she should work up to the full mile letting her feet acclimate ;)

Fe-lady said...

Ouch...but I always popped my blisters too-they seemed to heal faster that way..and then I could run again! :-)
Hey, I noticed that one of your favorite books is "The Gingerbread Man goes to School". My sister is the illustrator for that book!
Go to to see more of her stuff (if interested). She visited my Elem. school last year where I work, and that was one of the "most favored" books of the students.
Good luck with you upcoming race!