Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Five Weeks

5 weeks and 1 day since I last went running. I've swam twice in that time period, and gone for a long walk on the beach once. Pretty exciting, huh? But, I've now been so inspired by comments from other strong women who've run during pregnancy. I never have before - don't know why. Currently, I spend a lot of time on the couch. You're supposed to exercise when you're pregnant, and I sleep half of the day I'm so tired. You're supposed to eat well when you're pregnant, but most of the time the thought of food makes me nauseated. I force myself to fix dinner, then go back to my couch. Sometimes the nausea fades and I get hungry, so I figure I better fill Up when I'm in the mood. Last week that was a Hostess Ding Dong. The week before it was a Hostess Fruit Pie - cherry if you must know. I should write and thank the Hostess company for fulfilling my needs. Today I made a trip to the International District to pick up some things for dinner that sounded good, only knowing that by dinner time I might not like the idea of food. And then there's the fluids - supposed to drink but have to use the bathroom every five minutes. And then how do you get proper rest at night when you have a headache, and you're up three times to use the bathroom again. It's truly crazy. To top it off, my mind is occupied by the fact that in a year from now, with an additional child crawling around, this house won't be big enough. So, we move. The median house price in this city is $475 thousand. The gas prices are the highest in the country, and the transportation system is in major turmoil. It's so cloudy and wet half of the year, that depression rates skyrocket and people become ill from mold allergies. But we love the saltwater, the mountains, the green, the city . . . it'd be tough to move from friends and family and all that we love, and it'll be crazy to stay. Ah . . . the cranky bored pregnant lady speaks . .

Here's a better story. The dog. She's a cross between a collie and a shepherd, but small - sorta looks like a cross between a black lab and a coyote. She's a great family dog - 6 years old, and amazing with the kids. She herds us like a collie would, and gets nervous when one of us is gone overnight. She's only barked at someone once - and the person was well-deserving of it. She's an indoor/outdoor dog, but stays in when we aren't home. We used to give her free reign of the house until she started eating - anything that she could get to. One particular day it was a variety of chocolate desserts my mom had brought over for a special occasion. So, we resorted to shutting her in the bedroom whenever we left the house. It's a big enough space with her bed in it. She's been fine in there, day after day, for a couple of years. Until last week. I came home to find that she'd chewed the bottom of a fabric window covering. Strange and frustrating, but I didn't think too much of it. The next day was disturbing. When I came home, she had completely shredded the window covering, including bending the metal wires. She had chewed a 3 foot hole in one of our thick blankets, and pulled down a hat rack, piece by piece. She had pulled everything (all the bedding, pillows, etc.) in it's entirety off of the bed. A paper grocery bag with some clothes in it was torn up, it's contents spewed. All items atop the sewing desk were flung onto the floor. A plastic bag with marathon items was chewed, but thankfully nothing destroyed. And last, but not least, I realized that she had been chewing at the bottom of the door to the extent that it will need to be replaced. What the

So we bought her a harness and had to start leashing her up outside when we left. (We have leash laws where we live and a dog isn't allowed to roam free. We also live near busy arterials.) It's a long leash, and she has water and a doghouse, and a nice grassy backyard. I still come home daily to find her tangled up in something. Most often, I just put her in the car with me and the kids to make quick trips. Yesterday I was trying to leash her up as I headed out to take the kids to school and she got mad. She saw the kids getting in the car, and hopped in. I called her out, and when she discovered she wasn't getting to come, she started circling the car nervously. I finally coaxed her to the leash and harness. This morning was a repeat. She hopped in the car. This time, when I called her out, she knew what was coming. So she ran off. Literally. As soon as we tried to call her, she trotted faster. The kids were all out of the car trying to help, and our 11-yr-old started running down the street after her, but it just egged her on. So . . . all the kids hopped into the car in a hurry as we drove down the street with the slider door open, going 'ding - ding' and the kids yelling for the dog. I'm sure the neighborhood was thrilled. We saw her zooming down the next street and caught up with her. I pulled over and pretended to be all friendly to her. With the door open, and the kids excited, she was only so eager to hop in for the ride. Anything to avoid that harness.

Just another day . . . what's up with the dog? Nothing has changed but the baby growing inside me. Can she sense it?


IHateToast said...

maybe she senses that Cletus the Fetus will vote for Fletcher Tuckerton, republican nominee for president 2032 running on the All Women 1/3 Pay platform.

Joe said...

Ginger lives! Glad to hear from you again!

> The median house price in
> this city is $475 thousand.

I hear you. Prices are ridiculous in Vancouver too. Count your blessings. It could be worse. Seattle is only the 36th least affordable housing market in the world. Thank God you don't live in LA, San Diego or Honolulu. Check out this report.

> The gas prices are the
> highest in the country.

Sigh. Same here.

> But we love the saltwater,
> the mountains, the green,
> the city . . .

Yes! Now that's why you and I live in the Pacific Northwest! Do you hear me, Torontonians?

Anne said...

I used to have a collie who was smart enough to act dumb as a doorknob when the crap hit the fan at home. I distinctly remember when we were reluctantly moving. Already potty trained for years, he nonetheless pooped in the house just minutes before a realtor would arrive -- every time. It was uncanny. Sounds indeed like your dog knows something's up.

And we're in the process of finding a new house in THE highest housing market. It is enough to make me too want to sleep on the couch surrounded by Hostess Ding Dong wrappers.

D said...

GingerB: Hopefully this part of the pregnancy (tired, unmotivated, etc) will pass quickly!

Re: your doggie - I bet she senses the baby and is acting out over it. Perhaps purchasing a crate would be the ideal solution. You can get a very large crate and put a water bottle in there. This way she cannot be distructive and does not get tangled up in her leash when outside. Eventually she will get used to it and maybe even feel as if the crate is her comfort area. It beats getting rid of the dog over the frustrations associated with her destructive behaviour. Is she getting the same attention as before?

Wow - 475,000 is the median house price. I could not even imagine. Stressful!

Sarah said...

Do you really need to move? You might be able to get by with a smaller house then you think you can.

The couch was my friend when I was pg too. I think listening to your body is the right thing to do right now. But I'm sure you'll get your perk back soon!

Kurt said...

Hey an update from you!

I hate housing prices. I just paid well over $500K for the house I am buying in Long Island.

I am Hostess biggest customer. So you have a long way to go to match me (and I wonder why I feel so piggy like and chubby anymore)

Just12Finish said...

Wow. That's an interesting question. I think there's got to be a better explanation than "they're bored, so they chew". They must know more than we give them credit for.

iliketoast said...

oh dear ... house prices .... same over here ..... we didn't win the lottery this weekend .... i'm not sure it would make me any happier if we did .... i thought about this on my recovery today ... we eat well ... i cooked chilli tonight and made our own corn chips for my first time .... it doesn't take much to enjoy the simple things ... as for the dog .... chew toys?

Nicole said...

I've never been with child so all I can say is my sister slept a lot when she was pregnant. Its probably a good idea - you'll need lots of energy when the baby comes.

Josh said...

Hi Ginger - You know this will pass in the 2nd trimester. Your energy will come back. The peeing... Well we're 22 weeks and still she has to go all the time! I feel bad but what can you do.

When you were running more, did you take the dog with you? He might be used to having more exercise and is just frustrated because he's got so much pent up energy.

Living in NY City, I can certainly feel your housing market pain. We can hardly afford to rent!

Robb said...

Housing here is still quite's all scale of course. $200 K still buys a nice piece in this neck of the woods.

JustRun said...

Wow... you are gonna be one busy (busier) woman. :) It's good to catch up a little with you, though.

Also, I thought of you guys the other day. Friends of mine named their baby Boston. I'm sure why I thought of you is obvious. :)

E-Speed said...

sorry to hear about the dog. Hopefully she is just adjusting to the new baby!

Danielle said...

Oh, it does make sense that the dog can sense pregnancy...animals have a sense of something new and different.

wow, that is high on house prices...and I thought here they were bad.

Josh said...

Just checking in... Hope everything is going well.

IHateToast said...

missing you. how is the house hunting going? be sure to kill the real estate agents humanely.

Sarah Elaine said...

It's hard to motivate yourself when you feel lousy. Sounds like you're doing what your body needs you to do right now (except maybe for the Hostess stuff... oh well, you are a Sweetie yourself though, aren'tyou? ;-)

I don't know about you, but I sometimes think we've become obsessed with house size. When I look back to our family house when I was a kid, it was small by today's standards.

And we turned out OK. Well... at least that's my story. And I'm stickin' to it!

stephruns said...

I'm just catching up with your blog. wow- so many new things going on in your life.

i am going to move away from NYC, soon. The city is super crazy expensive and San Diego is still much more affordable compared. Plus change is good!!!