Monday, April 23, 2007

Now what?

I'm bored.
That great thing I wanted to do all my life has a check in the box next to it.

My massage appointment was cancelled today, leaving me a whole day open. I drove to the kids' school to drop off a bicyle helmet 'cause they're doing cycling in PE. I ate the last brownie for breakfast, and had cold slabs of seasoned tofu for lunch (the microwave is broken). And no, I'm definetely not a vegetarian, I just happen to like tofu. I've done the laundry and my house is clean - enough. I should get something out of the freezer for dinner since we have nighttime company all week, and I could clean a child's bedroom who's having a playdate today - but that's not my job.

But it's sunny and it's springtime and I can't run. I could go outside, but today I feel like if I can't run, what's the point? It's like drinking decaf coffee or showering before you get in the pool.
I really want what's next.

I spent all morning reading blogs. And I've read and re-read the comments from others on the accomplishment of merely finishing a marathon that meant the world to me. It's humbling to remember that everyone else is out there with their own agendas and ambitions and enlightening to take part in those journeys.

What's next? My training plan is all penciled out for the Bellingham Bay Marathon in the fall. (If you look at the photo of the footbridge in the link - and you were to walk north another 100 meters, you'd come to another similar footbridge that my husband and I were married on :) I'm supposed to do the cross-country ski leg of the Ski to Sea Relay (cross-country skiier to downhill skiier to runner to road biker to canoe - 2 people - to mountain biker to sea kayaker) May 27th, but I'm not sure that's going to happen. I'd love to do a triathlon. I've always wanted to, and now I've actually learned to swim and I have a bike. I want to do an ironman. I want to do a half ironman. My husband has convinced me that for my body right now, it would be wise to try a sprint first. That's easier said than done - to try to schedule that in this summer is insane between camping and long camping and my husband's race schedule. Chelan Man might work - we'll be there both days anyway because my brother and my husband are both participating and on different days. I wonder what a splash n dash is? And to clarfiy: 'Camping' designates a weekend trip, long camping is the longer trip to the California Redwoods and all the stops enroute. We're thinking we can fit in the Redwoods, Crater Lake, Mt. Hood, and we're considering Mt. Shasta/Shasta Lk, the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, the Lava Beds National Monument, and the Oregon Caves National Monument.

I long to see the world and go play in it, can you tell? And aside from all of those above desires, I'll just throw out there that I'd love to run NYC and London - but that's not a plan, yet - just a dream. I'd like to do Safaricom too, while I'm purging. And I might as well tell you about my Frito addiction. I eat them every day. Really. Mostly while watching healthy television programming late at night, but often for mid-morning lunch and sometimes they're a good breakfasttime treat or a dinner appetizer. In fact, I'm eating them right now. Like I said in the beginning - I'm bored. So, now I really oughtta go make myself a smoothie and email my swim coach about the triathlon training group.

Two questions of the day:
~Does boredom breed creativity or insanity?
~Who is 'Impey'?


Anne said...

I wish I could be bored with you, especially given the itinerary for upcoming trips. And how cool to plan to run a marathon that goes past your wedding site! The post-marathon blahs and injury will pass and soon you'll be jumping for joy again at yet another big race checked off that big list.

JustRun said...

Post-race blahs... I'll bet they feel even more prevalent considering it was THE race.

You have such a full Summer ahead, though, let the quiet sink in a little.

Also, can I please go on the long camping trip with you?! That sounds great! :)

Just12Finish said...

Give it some time. I'm sure you'll find something.

Kurt said...

Hmm, 3 kids and you think your bored? I love it now that my first 3 are out of the house and only one more to go.

Camping sounds fun!

Recover up and I would love to see your schedule for the Bellingham marathon. I loved visiting there when I went to the UW in the early 80's.

I still chuckle that it took me a while to figure out your a she and that your not Ginger. LOL Us guys are so easily amused I think!

Joe said...

> It's like showering before you
> get in the pool.

Yes, I hate showering before getting in the pool!

I think boredom breeds insanity.

IHateToast said...

so come over here and run with me. we're talking 10-12 minute runs with long runs of about a whopping 15 minutes. try to keep up.

Danielle said...

Bored isn't goood...I don't know that I'm ever "bored" but I do have the less ambitious times. Sounds like post-marathon depression though to me. Hopefully you'll be able to run soon.