Tuesday, March 20, 2007

treading water

Somehow I'm WAY behind in blogging, and can't fit in the time to write lately. I think about it all the time - think about all the things I'd like to blog about - zillions of topics stored up in my brain that come out when I'm exercising - lost in thought.

A couple of quick responses to things without having to find the right places to send them (multitasking):

D - thanks for checking . . . I think I get self-absorbed sometimes and forget to realize there are other people out there who take the time . .
Katy - jumprope club is like an after-school sport (remember, my kids go to an alternative school). At first we thought it was sorta hokey, then saw how amazing it is for conditioning, how much our child loves it, and what it does for her confidence.
- the postcards were aweswome and hilarious! - I'm not sure which one of us liked them the most
Anne - as far as the commute between the Cape and Hopkinton - we're actually staying in town before the race, and the Cape is after. Thanks tons for the eating out tips - Durgin Park sounds like a hoot!
Robin - you're oatmeal/egg concoction is fabulous!

And to everyone who reads and/or comments on my posts: You're all truly an inspiration. I get busy with my kids and feel guilty taking the time on the computer. Then I read posts and comments from all of you guys and remember what an amazing support system running and blogging is. It blows my mind how we can all connect through simple technology.

My journey to Boston and recovering from ITBS has taken me on an interesting journey. I've run exactly eight times in the last three weeks - either on the treadmill or the track. My longest run was 6 miles. I've been lifting weights - planning to train through this marathon instead of backing off too much. I've done yoga, I've been swimming, and I tried bike riding - that was a mistake - it set me back another week when I was feeling really well. Massive amounts of stretching and my foam roller have been the critical factors for me. I get really tired of it all, and I feel like I just wanna head out the door and fly - go for miles and miles on an early morning with no one around. It's not gonna happen yet. My husband is busy with training plans and schedules and I get jealous - it wouldn't be wise for me to get over-zealous and plan until I heal.

But what has really come out of all of this, is this pool thing. I like water. I can swim around and play. We do the beach a lot in the summer, and take the kids to the pool. But swim laps? It's not my greatest feature. The whole face underwater thing makes me nervous. And having to cope with another body in the same lane in the pool is a daunting task. Any time I've had to do pool time was because of an injury and the need for cross-training. I usually water-run, use a kick board, or create my own version of a side stroke. But really those things don't equate to the running I'm missing when I'm supposed to be training for what I consider to be a big marathon. So I needed to swim. Scary. My husband learned how. Last summer he overcame childhood near-drowning issues, faced the water head-on, and did his first tri. Now he's training for a half-ironman. With that inspiration, I figured I needed to overcome my fear. I really had no excuse.

I made myself talk to a swim coach about a class. Didn't register. Just talked to him. He said I really ought to be able to swim laps in order to take the class. I surfed the internet for stroke techniques (creative, don't you think?), then went to the pool. I swam for 45 minutes. Somehow, between the frustration of being able to run marathons and not swim, or being forced to take a beginner class if I couldn't do laps, something just clicked. At first I had to keep stopping to fiddle with my goggles, or breathe for a second because I was going too fast and thought that if I slowed down I would sink. I wrote down 800 meters in my training log. I wasn't until several days later that I figured out I swam 1600 meters. Perhaps it's a math class I should be enrolling in, but today I signed up for the swim class. I still can't allow myself to plan training until after Boston, but maybe there'll be a tri this summer mixed in with that running I'm looking forward to.


Bob said...

I am in a Tri class that so far has been all swimming. I have learned a TON. I really sucked at the breathing thing and now I am just sorta suck at it. The learning curve is pretty steep at first. Good luck.

JustRun said...

Good for you. Though I'm not afraid of swimming and am a decent swimmer, it's the swim that's held me back from tri training. I just don't know if I can wrap my mind around it. Anyway, good luck to you, I think that's a great step!

Robin said...

Good for you! I hope the swim class is really useful to you. I have seen some people do amazing things in the swim class I coach (which is about 50% new triathletes right now, and many of the rest are runners waylaid by injuries). It really only takes a bit of technique work to get most folks off and swimming. Congrats on your 1600m, that's a lot!

Joe said...

> Then I read posts and comments from
> all of you guys and remember what an
> amazing support system running and
> blogging is. It blows my mind how
> we can all connect through simple technology.

Indeed! When I tell my non-blogging friends about Blogland, they think I'm nuts. If they only new the truth. Err, wait a second, I am nuts.

> today I signed up for the swim class.

Fantastic! As Obiwan Kenobi once said to Luke Skywalker, "You've taken your first step into a larger world."

Anne said...

You're turning into quite the storyteller, math challenged though you may be. Well, O Wet One, I wish you well in that swim class and on the road to Hopkinton. And even if you haven't been able to comment on your own blog that much, I have noticed the steady stream of contributions on mine. Thank you for that!

Kurt said...

I love math but then I am a numbers guy!

I hope the Tri training goes well. I am going to check out your hubby's blog later today.

Keeping busy with the kids is important but having time to yourself to do little things for support is also important.

Your doing awesome. Hope the ITB is healing up.

psbowe said...

Good luck on your class, you'll do just fine I know it. One day it'll just click, sorta like learning out to drive a stick-shift(manual)...I know weird analogy.
I don't consider myself a great swimmer, but just do enough to swim, teehee!

stephruns said...

it's true, without the blogging world running even wouldn't be the same.

can't wait to hear more about your swimming.

D said...

I need to follow your lead. I'm too self-consious to ask for help in the swimming arena. Good for you! Hang in there with the recover. We all know too well the frustration that comes with not being able to lace up and fly.

iliketoast said...

Glad you enjoy the pool .... laps are hard for me too .... it's like running around in little circles for me .... do you think there could be lake swimming ... or something more like snorkeling .. that would work ... why don't they put things on the bottom of the pool to look at?

IHateToast said...

glad you got all the cards. they were fun to write.
i had a swim class just to teach adults how to swim correctly. it's worth it. look around. get a swede so you can say swim with sven.

Sarah said...

I'm with you on the swimming. Even my 8yr old can swim better than me. Which actually isn't surprising. Great job overcoming your fear!

Danielle said...

Wow, 1600...that's not bad. I'm a good swimmer, but I don't enjoy just swimming laps, so haven't done it in forever. What's funny is the thing that holds me back from a tri is the biking. I don't care much for biking and I only have a mountain bike so it makes it even less likely that I will do one!! Ah well, I read and live vicariously through others.