Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Rules of Degrees

I remember having a conversation with my dad years ago, and I think about it often as the seasons start to change. We were discussing what to wear running during different types of weather and both seemed to adhere to an unwritten set of rules.

The Rules:
(in degrees fahrenheit, because the USA refuses to conform to the rest of the world)

80° and above - you really should've gotten up and run at sunrise when it was cooler
70° - 80° shorts and a tank top - great for track workouts, not long runs
60° - 70° perfect running weather - shorts and a t-shirt
50° - 60° shorts, but long-sleeves - you'll inevitably roll 'em up, but if it's windy or rainy . .
40° - 50° tights and long sleeves - deceivably chilly, even if it's sunny
30° - 40° tights, long-sleeves over or under short sleeves, gloves, hat optional, wool socks -
unless you want numb feet the first half of your run
20° - 30° tights, short sleeves, long sleeves, gloves, hat, smart-wool socks
below 20° (doesn't happen that often here) I'd add a sweatshirt to everything else and be amazed
at the lack of sweat when I was finished.

So, really - my point? I wore shorts when I went running today!!! It's a MIRACLE! My dearest apologies to the rest of the country, where winter still isn't over, but I finally have hope. I'm so burnt out on depressing winter weather, rain, snow, wind, ice, cold temps, floods, power outages . . . hmmm, was there more?

It was 12° in Cape Cod, Massachussetts today. Why do I know that? Because the guy at the B&B out there told my husband when he booked a night in April. Ahhh, yes - the dreary days of winter provoke one to plan vacations. Two nights in Boston, because there is some silly marathon I'm supposed to run. Some random hotel, because really, I'm there to run a race, buy a cool jacket at some expo, eat some food at Faneuil Hall, and drive up the New Hampshire and Maine Coastline. Then a night in a fancy place in Providence, RI - because after all that runnin' I'll need some quality Itlalian food in little Italy and a soak in the jetted tub at a lovely euro-nouveau hotel. And then a lovely suite at a B&B within walking distance of the ocean in Cape Cod - complete with a fireplace. And my tide table shows me low tide at sunrise on the east coast that day. Perfect for some time to stretch the legs . . . Life is good. I hope winter is over soon.


13akbal said...

sigh.. so many states, so little time :-)

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Those are good rules for temperature-appropriate running gear.

Now if only I could get myself outside when it's below 25°F!

Congratulations on your BQ!

Danielle said...

Ah cold...heck, half that stuff I wear more than what you have listed I think!! I never go just tights below freezing!!

I'm jealous of your Boston trip...sounds awesome. I did just book a trip to Savannah for around the same time though so I'm not as jealous as I could be!

JustRun said...

Ahh, sounds like it will be a wonderful trip.

As for the running attire for temps, I mostly agree with you though yesterday I went out and it was in the 40's and a long sleeve and pants was way too much. I think after weeks spent in the single digits, 40 feels like Summer.

Robin said...

The first run in shorts of the season is a treat, every time. I got to run in shorts this week and enjoyed every sunny moment.

Your Boston adventure sounds fabulous, have a great time!

Anne said...

My body temperature gauge is about 10 degrees off from you and your dad, but I also have more "insulation." Where on the Cape are you staying? And where do you hope to eat at Fanueil Hall? (I lived on the Cape and worked a block from Quincy Market.)

Kurt said...

I never wear my tights til it is freezing temps or lower. But I suppose each of us are different and have different thresholds.

You will have a blast in Boston. Have fun!

Just12Finish said...

I hope your timing with the tides and sun works out.

Since you list tops out where mine usually starts, here's the rest:

90-100: shorts, no shirt
100-105: shorts, no shirt, hat
105+: you really should have woken up and run when it was <99!

Sarah said...

You know, even if its warm enough I just don't think about wearing shorts until spring. I guess once I start wearing them I want to be able to keep wearing them. : )

Joe said...

Oh c'mon! Where's the Celcius translation? We Canadian's are outraged! Just kidding.

Yes, the weather in the Pacific Northwest is getting better and better these days. I should see some flowers poking up in the front yard within a couple of weeks.

Josh said...

We're still in winter's icy grip. My three layers worked, but I had to double up on the gloves. Brrrr.

Congrats on Boston... Did you find out which start you'll be in?

iliketoast said...

It's 86.5 here as I prepare to go out for a 3 hour event .....

Sarah Elaine Eaton said...

I have trouble converting to Farenheit in my head, though I think 32F is 0C and the two systems meet at -40 (same number on both scales - and no one should be outside running in it!)

Hhhmm... My "tipping point" is 11 C. After that, I change to tights. There was one day I was out in tights AND lined wind pants. I think it was -15C that day... and the tights were more like long underwear, really.

Hhhmm... now you've got me thinking...

IHateToast said...

euro-nouveau?! i like totally saw them in concert in 1984! they opened for depeche mode and OMD.

Bob said...

Did you say shorts, my dearest gingerbread YOU SUCK!!! :-) I have been mill bound for the past two weeks.

psbowe said...

Pretty cool guideline, helpful.

woohoo Boston!

stephruns said...

Those are some weird rules you have, but funny!
The last couple of winters i have witnessed how depressed i get myself. I am such a happy person when it's warm and sunny. Now all I want to do is stay under my blankets and sleep. Wake me up when it's summer, please!)

Robb said...

Holy Smokes Ginger, you'll be in the neighbourhood come April...just a ferry ride away.

Fun post about 'what to wear'. I guess it comes down to what suits you too. I tend to go with shorts 30*+. Below 30*, I consider tights, long sleeves and the like.

It's good to read your posts again. I've been away too long.

Bob Gentile said...

Ginger Said:60° - 70° perfect running weather - shorts and a t-shirt

hmmm well that's about one month of perfect weather Most days are above that :-) but way better then that COLD stuff----burrrrrr.... and I say days cuz I am SOOO not a morning person to get my RUNS in so I RUN at the worst time of the day --afternoons, I am a rebel like that--haha

nice blog Ginger I will be back,


David said...

Fortunately they're small states.

Sounds like a great plan. I wish I was able to do the same.

As to your rules .... I think you're good to go. Personally, what you do at 60-70 I do at 50-60, and on down the line from there.