Friday, September 01, 2006


Bison near Hayden Valley

Fountain Geyser

Thermal hot springs at Norris Basin, not a hot tub

little adventurers

Grand Prismatic Spring at Midway Geyser Basin

Grizzly bear feeding off dead bison in Yellowstone River

Yellowstone Lake at Sunset

The Grand Tetons from Oxbow Bend

Bison Herd with Mud Volcano steaming in background

The Yellowstone River steaming across the Hayden Valley


Robb said...

Truly amazing photos of a wonderful vacation trip. How did you little camper hold up?

Bet you loved it enough to want a larger one with a few more conveniences?? You know you can ask me anything you about these things...and if you ever do want to trade the puppy in - let me know what you're looking at and I'll let you in on the pricing runners need to help each other!!

Again, beautiful photos...great trip and welcome back home! I laughed when I read your last post about the "little trip out east". I guess I live in the 'far east' eh?

Take care.

iliketoast said...

thanks for sharing all about your trip ... amazed you squeezed a marathon in there .... i really love the camping, campfires and all that AND coming home to the luxuries i take for granted .... it opens up my mind

Anne said...

I agree with Robb. These are some incredible shots. Either you used a strong lense, or that wildlife was too close for my comfort. The landscapes were gorgeous too.

Sarah said...

Wow! Beautiful pictures! Now I'm really jealous. : )

D said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos.

IHateToast said...

gorgeous! but you SAW these. to me they're awesome photos, but you were there. that's amazing. i'm just a little upset that you didn't rent an old greyhound and offer up seats to fellow bloggers.

stephruns said...

awesome trip and amazing pictures! i'm again and again surprised to see how versatile the usa is.

Sarah Elaine said...

Fab-U-LOUS photos!!

JustRun said...

Fantastic photos. Looks like a wonderful experience.

Danielle said...


Josh said...

Amazing! That shot of the Grand Tetons is now my desktop!

You Rock.

Josh said...

the Grand Tetons shot has now been my desktop for a few days.

At work now and just closed a window on my PC and saw this photo again and I have to say my reaction was:

"Ahhh, that's nice. I want to be there."