Friday, April 28, 2006

Low Tide

It was really funny to upload my gps to motionbased when I got through with my run, and discover a whole new meaning for the term 'water running'. I didn't run in the water, really, but I must've been below sea level. I guess it makes more sense now, when they calculate the low tide at -2.4. You can see where I was zigzagging to stay out of the tide pools, and where I ran higher up on the beach.

I had a great run, though, and actually got to put in a few miles on the beach - it's usually covered up. The sand was pretty wet - sorta soppy/mucky to run through, but worth it. My shoes are drying off in the sun. I love this time of year.

A day off tomorrow before my long run Sunday. I have a scenic 22-mile course planned out. I finally registered for the upcoming marathon I'm running in a few weeks. It makes me nervous to think about it, and I got butterflies registering. I've run marathons - 5 to be exact, but it's been a couple of years, and I'm not sure what pace I want to run. I'm trying to figure out a pace without having any recent road races to predict from - just the times from my training runs. Thinking about it all is gonna make me crazy. I've got my long run Sunday, my relay the next weekend, a weekend off, the marathon the next weekend, then a 10-mile race in Chicago that I truly think I'm going to run slow and take my camera and be a tourist. We'll see. I'm taking the trip for fun, the race was just an added benefit. (Okay, I confess, when I planned the trip, I made sure there was a race that weekend.) But the race isn't the focus of the trip - there isn't a focus - just to have fun.

Okay, I need coffee.

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iliketoast said...

Hey signing up for a marathon and not feeling anything would be sad.